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by Angleo Onorato on Advanced Wildlife Removal
Professional, honest and effective service.

I called AWS and spoke with Paul about problem of birds in my gas fire place. He spent considerable time explaining the procedure without any pressure. I considered his estimate and later called AWS to come to my home to work on the problem. Paul and his assistant explained the process, had the necessary expertise, humanely removed the birds (Starlings), sealed the entry vent and installed four other vent covers at a reasonable price. I highly recommend AWS for expert and humane wildlife removal and prevention services. Thanks AWS for a job very well done!

Professional and Experience

Paul and Billy were very knowledgeable and experience. Once they inspected, they knew where the squirrel went in, set up the trap, and caught all of them effectively. They acted professionally and reasonable. I would recommend them.
Thank you Paul and Billy. Great job!

Their service was very responsive and reasonably priced. Paul took the time to explain the process and did a great job with our mole problem in our yard. I would highly recommend them because of their common sense approach to how to solve my mole problem. Thanks for all your work!!

by Beth Kennedy on Advanced Wildlife Removal

AWS is a GR8 company. Paul and Billy were super friendly, knowledgeable and respectful. We called and they came out immediately. Same afternoon service. They evaluated and assisted with our squirrel problems and also showed us where we could improve protecting our house with some preventative measures. Overall, an eye-opening experience and a chance to learn about wildlife while also protecting our house from wild animals. THANK YOU for easing our stress ~

Exceptional end-to-end Service!

I cannot praise AWR highly enough. Paul and his team exhibit the highest of professional standards and application of business best practices. They are thoroughly comprehensive, understanding and responsive nearly to fault--answering our various email questions and concerns about our case even after hours and over weekends. Paul patiently explained our options and freely shared his years of experience with regard to similar cases such as ours. He and his team quickly earned our trust. I recommend AWR without exception! ~ Don

by Cephas L Franklin on Advanced Wildlife Removal
Outstanding Service

Foxes literally took over my back yard and porch. AWR came in set-up initial trap within hours he caught the first one. Over the next few weeks, he caught a total of 6. He caught all of the foxes except the mother, however, we have not seen her in the neighbor hood since. The squirrels and rabbits are now happily running the roost again!

I'm very pleased with the work and the costs was reasonable. I highly recommend Paul. He is very professional and runs an outstanding business. Will not hesitate to use him again! If you want the job done right with no hassle, AWR is the company you want to use!

by Teri Jones on Advanced Wildlife Removal
Amazing Service

I spent the night last night at my daughter's home after seeing a bat flying around my home and my dog trying to get to it. I was in panic mode at 1:00 AM since I never have had such kind of animal inside my home. I actually called Advanced Wildlife Removal and immediately was given a quote, what was going to be done and that he would search for the given bat. The best part was that he was coming today. He did, found the bat, did attic inspections...the home got inspected trying to figure out the point of entry, gave me recommendations of things to do which we will have him do because not only his price was reasonable but to me, Paul was not pushy trying to sell us on these things that should be done. I am still jumpy and jittery about the bat flying around and I am scared to find out if there is a little brother that accompanied the other bat into my home. Advanced Wildlife Removal made this process more calming and Paul had a wealth of information regarding bats and how they operate. Thanks Paul for making this a priority today. The word about this company and their customer service will be passed around by me.

Professional + Knowledgeable

I called a few companies before speaking with Paul but ended up hiring him immediately -- his professionalism, knowledge, and kindness was apparent within minutes speaking. He told us he would call the day before to give us a time frame for service, which he did. He showed up on time and handled our issue in a timely manner. Before leaving, he thoroughly explained the next steps to us. Although I hope we don't have any more pests, if we did, I would work with Paul again in a heartbeat!

Very friendly and fast service. Paul was thorough in removing the bird nest in my house. Will definitely use him again.

by E. M. Montalvo on Advanced Wildlife Removal

I too lost the battle with the moles after spending too much money and countless hours trying to get rid of them myself. After a thorough assessment and detailed explanation, Paul took care of the problem within the time and cost he originally quoted. Anyone would save themselves time and money by calling Paul first.

Original Cost Within Extended Service

Our yard became infested with moles. It was the first time we ever experienced a mole attack. I tried to get rid of them myself by going to Southern States and using the products they sell, and I failed. I concluded the poison I bought at SS was not the problem, it was me not knowing what I was doing. I went on the web and found Advanced Wildlife Removal (AWR) through the Home Advisor site. Mr. Paul Smith from AWR came to visit and he solved the problem.

He gave us a reasonable cost estimate, inspected the entire yard, placed the bait traps and got 3 moles. He returned about a week later, re-inspected and planted another bait trap. Final score: AWR 4, moles 0, and within the original cost estimate. It has been about a month since Mr. Smith’s last visit and there has been no further sign of the things. I recommend AWR with no hesitation.

Great Job

We experienced prompt and courteous service. Also a clear explanation of how our mouse problem could be solved.

Excellent Service

I have used Paul Smith for several years. He is pet friendly, and he does not just do a job, he cares about the customer. When he is coming I leave dog treats for him. That way he can get my 4 cockers to do or go where ever he wants them to, to ease the job.

Simply Impressed

I wanted to write you because I was very impressed with their customer service. In this day and age customer service seems to be a thing of the past. It is nice to know that we can still find a few caring businesses. We intend to tell all our friends, neighbors and family about our experience with Advance Wildlife Removal and specially its manager Paul Smith.

Visited and Solved Very Soon

I recently had the misfortune of listening to annoying scratching, running noises in my ceiling. I contacted the first pest control firm – XXXXX, that my condominium association recommended me. This was a mistake since they never showed up, and it took like a week to get an appointment to visit my apartment. It was until I called Paul from Advanced Wildlife Removal that I got a real help.

At that time we had no idea what was in the house. Paul figured out that the problem was caused by mice. He set the traps, located their entrance and scheduled the next visits in less than half an hour. In the next visit, he caught the offenders but kept coming back for three weeks to ensure they were gone. He even fixed the holes, and entrance sites. After he left, I was very confident that they wouldn’t be a problem any more.